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What's the main problem of Thach's work? How can we deal with the colonialism and anti-intellectualism in the taxonomy?

Thach published works on Mollusca without peer review and many articles point out the mistakes ( Páll-Gergely et al. 2020; Sutcharit et al. 2019). Now Thach et al. (2020) use the simple but blurry morphological evidence to show his taxonomic actions are valid. These are evidence-limited and endless arguments. No one can tell which taxonomic actions are wrong only based on morphological characters in the much variable species complex (I don’t think Amphidromus is an independent species). Both of them didn’t use the molecular or phylogenetic methods to persuade each other but only focus on the limited and variable morphology. How can we avoid it in the further malacological studies? And how can we deal with the colonialism and anti-intellectualism in taxonomy?